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1. Communication Skills

I have a good communication skills in verbal and non-verbal communication that help me to communicate with other people very well. This make me a person who have a high empathy and have a better understanding about other people feelings when they share their problems with me. In the same time, it also build my interpersonal skills to mentoring other people and be more sensitivity about them

2. Teamwork Skills

I have a good teamwork skills when working in the group.I will listen and love to exchange an idea with my team even they are some point that come from my team member that i do not agree. This teamwork skills help me to have a good cooperation with my team and help our work running smoothly when we are working as a team member.

3. Problem Solving Skills

I also really good when it's come in problem solving .When a problems occur, i will try to identify the source of problems based on my observation and try to find a logical reasoning for what had happen. It help me to build a critical thinking skills to find a solution for the problems that occur


1. Writing Skills

I am a good writer that can write a good writings when it's come to creative writing and story telling. I have been actively participant in a writing contest since secondary school. I write about short poems and short story. I love writings because i want to be a writer one day.It also help me to improve my writings skills

2. Computer Basic Skills

I can use a microsoft office words such as powerpoint, document and others in my daily life as a student. I know how to change the margin, and what type of fonts that i use when using microsoft office