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In this year i have been participated in ASEAN QUIZ for national level. It was the best achievement that i have made even though i failed to continue to the next level to win this ASEAN QUIZ.This quiz is not easy as i thought but i am really happy that i get to know more about ASEAN.It also make me realize that there are so many thing i didn't know and need to read more about ASEAN


STPM is the most difficult exam in Malaysia. This certificate is the best memory that i have. It was my first result for semester 1, I know the grade is not enough to be call a dean but only STPM students know how hard it is to get a dean and 3.00 pointer above. I really grateful that my grade are good and help me to focus for other sem. Having a good grade is the best feeling for all STPM student. We don't need to repeat a paper.Thanks to the hardship that i have been through, now i'm in UITM PUNCAK PERDANA continue my degree.Hope I can do my best when i still here.


This is one of my participant in creative writing. I really love to write a poems and short stories. That's why i will take a chance and never missed to take a part in this competition. With writing it help me to understand myself better and also help me to release my stress