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Type of Jobs

1. Sales Assistant

2. Online Tutor in Telegram Channel

3. Baby Sister(Part Time)

Job Scope

1. Treat customer all time well and warmly.Take an order from the customer and manage the cash register

2. Provide a notes and past year question for student and teacher. Guide and teach student personally about the topic that they don't understand. Motivate students to study by sharing a tips in channel

3. Look after the child while their parents are not at home.Assist and teach the child to do their homework by their ownself. Control their time by make they go sleep on time


1. 2014-2017

2. 2016-2017

3. September and December 2018


1. Stall

2. Telegram Channel Nota Cemerlang SPM Seluruh Negeri & Study Smart Group

3. Employer's home